Big Decisions, Big Consequences

As a conservative investor, you have a lot to consider when managing risk in your portfolio. On the one hand, you want to maximize the returns on your investments to plan for a more comfortable future or perhaps even early retirement. On the other, you must take steps to protect your assets from risk. So where do you put your investments? How do you manage your assets to provide for the biggest payoff when you finally reach retirement?


It's As Easy As A-B-C

At Peak Financial Corporation, we use what is known as the ABC Planning Model for retirement. It`s a way to help investors understand why and where they`re putting their assets for a complete portfolio that covers the risk management spectrum. The model breaks down like this:

A-Level Assets


Also known as "yellow money," A-Level Assets have liquidity and protection against loss. These include taxable wealth, such as cash, checking and savings accounts, and CDs. The returns are small, but the funds are safe and easily accessible.

B-Level Assets

B-Level Assets, or "green money," have less liquidity but are more protected, including from taxes. Known as fixed principle assets, these investments are tax-deferred and enjoy moderate growth as interest. In general, because of strict regulations and penalties, category B includes investments you don`t plan on touching for years or even decades.

C-Level Assets

The "red money" in your portfolio is for more aggressive investment strategies, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, variable annuities and IRAs. Greater risk is accepted for the possibility of higher gains, which is why category C investments are also referred to as the "growth money" in your portfolio.

The beauty of the ABC financial planning model is that it allows the investor to decide how much of each category should be represented in their portfolio. Financial Advisor Jay Peak can help you decide what`s going to be the best strategy for your unique needs and goals. Also, as you get closer to retirement, it may be appropriate to shift the balance of your assets, and he can help you make informed decisions about your portfolio`s risks and returns. Contact Peak Financial Corporation today to start planning for your future!


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