RAFT: Retirement Approach Free of Tax  

As the American government continues to become overloaded with bureaucracy, crippling national debt and unsustainable programs, such as Social Security and Medicare, it`s likely you will start seeing dramatic increases in tax rates before you reach retirement. So what happens when you start collecting distributions? You might end up losing a significant percentage of your portfolio to Uncle Sam in the form of income tax.

Pay Taxes Now, Or Pay Them Later?

401(k) plans and IRAs are what are known as tax deductible retirement strategies. In other words, you pay no taxes on any contributions you make before retirement. However, there are no such shelters to protect you from paying thousands of dollars in taxes when it`s time to collect. Fortunately, there are a few completely tax-free ways to invest, and Financial Advisor Jay J.P. Peak has a variety of retirement strategies available to help people nationwide with their retirement portfolios.

Three Tax-Free Investment Vehicles



Municipal Bonds are a stable, but relatively long-gain, option for investors who tend to be in the higher tax brackets.


Roth IRAs are protected from taxes under U.S. law, provided that some rather strict regulations are met. There are caps on contributions, and most have an upper limit on annual income that prevents more affluent people from investing. There are strict regulations on distributions as well.


Permanent Life Insurance investments are also protected under U.S. Tax Code and are a great way for anybody to pursue tax-free retirement. In essence, you collect on your investment by borrowing against the value of your life insurance policy. In the same way you don`t pay taxes on the amount loaned for a home mortgage, there are no taxes on the money you borrow from a life insurance policy. You can also choose not to make payments on the borrowed sum, because it`s paid back when your life insurance pays out. Learn more about life insurance investments here.

If present conditions and current events are any indication, it`s time to move away from investments that are entangled with U.S. income tax. You can`t afford to take the chance of losing 20, 30 or even 50 percent of your retirement portfolio because unchecked government spending has spun out of control. Nobody knows what the future holds, but it is possible to prepare for the unexpected today. Let Jay Peak help you plan for a future free from tax worries; contact Peak Financial today!

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