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Jay J.P. Peak appeared in Hollywood, California, at the Roosevelt Hotel to accept his National Best-Seller award. Mr. Peak co-authored his book with the legendary Brian Tracy. 

Public figure and best-selling author Brian Tracy endorsing Jay J.P. Peak as a leader in the field of safe money retirement strategies at the EXPY awards in Hollywood.

Watch as Fran Tarkenton, Entrepreneur, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, and Founder of Tarkenton Financial endorses Jay J.P. Peak Safe Money Retirement Planner.

Jay J.P. Peak's interview on the TV show Right on the Money.

Jay J.P. Peak interview on Right on the Money highlighting the Harvest Retirement Program.

National Best-Selling Author Jay J.P. Peak appeared on "Business Morning Update" in Burbank, California, to discuss safe money retirement strategies with the host.

Jay J.P. Peak featured on "Moving America Forward," hosted by William Shatner. Mr. Peak talked about safe money strategies and how to apply them. 

Jay and Nicole Peak discuss the Women’s Retirement Program. Safe Money retirement tailored for successful women.